In 1999 I started working for a multi-billion-dollar consulting firm and during my over 8 years there, I started as a Sr. Project Manager and left the company in 2018 as a Sr. Manager for delivery. During my time at the consulting firm, I interacted with other competing consulting firms and worked with different clients and have had the privilege of helping clients resolve issues stemming from failed experiences with both my organization at the time and other competing vendors.

Over the years I have been able to reduce the main cause of failure to 3 major areas:

  • Lack of availability of resource to start the project on time causing pressure on the team to deliver a project within a shorter lead time. This increases the risk of project failure reducing the margin for error causing diminished success.
  • Ineffective matching of project managers to projects causing the client to reallocate internal resource to provide oversight to the vendors Project Manager(s). This causes a disruption in the client’s day to day operations and reduces the ROI of having a PM on a project. The diminished ROI reflects having to add internal resource to oversees the vendor’s PM and/or existing internal resource having to split their focus between vendor oversight and client’s services and/or products.
  • In situations where a client needs multiple project managers they often receive inconsistent quality PMs over time which causes significant disruption on the project by having to replace project manager midstream during the project reducing continuity and increasing project failure.

In 2013, I started experimenting with different approaches, analyzing different outcomes and was eventually able to develop an innovative approach for delivering project management that I eventually termed ePMaaS, Enterprise Portfolio Management as a Service.

In 2018, after 20 years of project management experience and refining my approach, I decided to establish Outsourced Results Inc. (ORI) which is a firm purely focused on delivering world class project management services to medium and small organization. The goal of ORI is to increase the success rate of our client’s project outcome and delivering a service that ensures Project Management value realization service for our clients’ projects.

You may ask what differentiates us from the competition. Our number one goal is to help small to mid-size organization by providing world class project management services and not be biased in selling IT solutions or PM resources.

The traditional approach of delivering Project Management falls into two categories:

  • Some vendors focus heavily on delivering IT solutions tied to specific applications and technologies. In either a fixed cost or hourly rate approach their revenue generation model for potential new business opportunities are tied to the Project Manager (who is an extension of sales helping to deliver additional solutions). Strategically these organizations have interest in delivering a successful project but not necessarily the most efficient, highest value and quality project.
  • The other group of vendors focuses on selling project or time-based resources. These vendors provide staffing resources across a broad spectrum of applications and technologies. The hourly rate, business acumen, level of quality and depth of skill set of these “just in time” resources varies greatly. Their revenue generation model for potential new business opportunities are tied to be a conduit to provide a pipeline of resources as required. Strategically there no interest in delivering a successful project because the customer manages efficiency, value and quality.

In either case you are provided project or staffing resources that you are now left to manage and figure out how to translate these resources to successful project outcome. Both of these outdated approaches have minimal focus on helping deliver strong Project Management results thereby creating unpredictable project outcomes for the customer.

ePMaaS helps bridge the earlier outlined gaps for our clients by delivering these 3 benefits:

  • On demand project management service for your project, providing project services within 5 days of an agreement.
  • Ensures that all projects have an Enterprise Portfolio Manager (ePM) oversight, reducing the need to reallocate of internal resource for project management delivery. ORI has ePMs that would work with the customer to manage project(s), define effective KPIs and strategy significantly reducing the need for internal oversight by up to 40%
  • Consistent and predictable resource quality, we monitor and train our resources ensuring that they have the right experience and resource to management the customers project(s)

The time has come for a company to focus on you the customer in helping achieve project success and measurable quality outcomes. ORI is that company that will focus on making your future project outcomes the best and most successful your organization has had to date.

Geoff Babajide
Executive Director & Founder




Understanding the organization and knowing how to leverage different methodologies and adapt them to each client’s unique needs has proven to be of crucial success in the industry.


The ability to win the buy-in of a critical stakeholder can leverage an innovative approach to program management which will exceed all objectives and prove your program to be a success.


Involving developers earlier than usually allows for improved communication and support which will meet all objectives of the project and establish a new process  for future projects as well.