Welcome to Outsourced Results, Inc. (ORI)

Exceptional program and project management empowers your business to seize opportunities, gain market share and boost your competitive advantage. It demands experience and expertise because it is strategically impactful to your business’s success.

That’s why you should get to know Outsourced Results Inc. (ORI). With 40 years of cross-industry experience, ORI is a thought leader in the program and project management industry.

ORI’s customized solutions span the entire project delivery lifecycle:

• Portfolio Program Guidance and Oversight
• Project Deployment and Delivery Consulting
• Performance and Value Stream Analysis
• Management and Oversight
• Program and Project Resource Staffing

Why Choose ORI? Because One Size Does Not Fit All!

Our work experience has led us to understand that every opportunity is unique. Each organization has varying business, operational and technical requirements as well as different systems, cultures, people and business processes.

ORI offerings include advisory, ongoing consultative, and analytic offerings as well as a unique and comprehensive approach to both managed services and staff augmentation.

We are methodology agnostic and not married to any one approach. Through our experience we have combined, accelerated, contracted, and expanded program or project segments and deployment approaches based on a time sensitive tactical requirement, overarching goals or strategic Imperative.

Our consultative and comprehensive approach includes aspects or program and project guidance, mentorship, knowledge transfer, capacity and capability planning as well as vendor delivery and vendor management capabilities.

What ORI brings to every business relationship is improved outcomes, increased efficiencies, increased organizational productivity, increased deployment velocity and lastly, effective, and efficient personalized solutions.

Discover the ePMaaS Edge

What makes ORI unique?

ePMaaS is an innovative model for businesses of all sizes to successfully realize operational and project value delivery in an increasingly competitive environment—ensuring savings, increased productivity, and profitability.


  • Is customized for your business and your projects
  • Relies on data and analysis
  • Reduces lead time for project start
  • Minimizes reallocation of resources from your core business
  • Drives dynamic execution
  • Reduces costs
  • Boosts value

Managed Services

Vendor Delivery

Performance Analysis

Staff Augmentation




We spare no effort in understanding our clients value stream to better align projects to organizational goals. By creating unique key performance indicators, we are able to maintain project alignment over its lifecycle with minimal impact to operational processes. We excel in maintaining the flexibility to recalibrate as needs arise, incorporating changes to achieve successful outcomes.


By understanding the organization, we are able to leverage different methodologies while adapting them to each client’s unique needs. This has proven to be crucial in achieving project management success.


By augmenting internal resources with ORI’s highly experienced Sr. Project Management Consultant (sPMC), we are able to reduce the need for in-house oversight by up to 40%. We ensure a robust knowledge of your projects by leveraging effective communication and agreed upon key performance indicators.