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At Outsourced Results Inc. (ORI) we create the best environment for our employees to grow. We are not your typical PM organization. We focus on creating an environment where our employees can maximize their potential.

In many industries today, Project Management profession is consider a commodity or add-on, suggesting that the Profession is unnecessary. They argue that if only employees could just do their job when there are asked to everything would be fine. Others wittle down the project management profession to just a little more than “Blocking and Tackling”. What is often missed is the fact that the Project Management Profession significantly improves organization bottom-line by organization teams across multiple departments with diverse disciplines to achieve a productive outcome. They also ensure that unbiased up to date communication is delivered to enable effective decision making by the management team.

At ORI we know the value of Project Manager. In short, we believe that Project Managers will become one of the key pillars for innovation and productivity for organizations in the future.

As organizations hire highly specialized resources to produce outcomes to ensure competitive edge in the market place, Project Managers become the critical component for coordinating these specialized resources to deliver predictable value for their employer by making human resources productive.

Peter Drucker wrote that Managers focus “on the right things and getting the right things done” in this is PMs do for projects. It is in pursuit of this attribute, working across multiple verticals and stakeholder interests that have become the reason why effective PMs have lack upward mobility within their organization.

Another reason is that many organizations focus all their resources on delivering their core services leave very little resources for Project Managers to grow and realize their full potential. Project Managers also experience a lack of employment stability because every season they worry about whether or not there would be project for them to work on

At ORI we create an environment that allows our employees to hone their Project Management skillset, maintain their career path and achieve a more stable employment. ORI achieve these benefits by encouraging our employees to work across multiple industries and organization. PMs also become more independent and flexible, shaping how their assigned projects are managed.

Employee career paths are documented and directly connected to ORI’s core services. This mean that unlike other organizations we invest in the delivery of Project services.

At ORI we focus on and reward Project Management Value Delivery to our clients. Our PM’s are required and committed to working with their clients to deliver what is necessary to ensure project success. PMs are onboarding as a contractor for a duration of 3 to 6 months thus allowing our candidates to assess if this ORI approach is the right one for them. Upon completion of the assessment period PMs are onboarded as Full Time Employees of ORI with competitive benefits.

In addition to the typical industries wide standard benefits such as Healthcare (medical and dental) Benefits, 401K, Salary and Vacation days ORI offer the opportunity for all employee in the Project Management track to become a Partner i.e. becoming part owners of the organization with the ability to help share the company you have so hard to make successful.

ORI’s goal is to become an industry disruptor focused on attracting like-minded, professional and flexible-thinking individuals that are willing to improve the project management profession to deliver successful and value driven outcomes to our customers. Please provide your information and experience using the following form. If you match one of our open positions, we will be in touch shortly. Thanks for your interest in ORI and best wishes for success in your endeavors. We look forward working with you to open the next chapter in our Profession of Project Management.

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    Understanding the organization and knowing how to leverage different methodologies adapting them to each client’s unique needs has proven to be crucial for success.


    The ability to win the buy-in of key stakeholders by leveraging ORI’s innovative project management approach ensures a more consistent delivery of project success.


    Involving developers earlier allows for improved communication and support which directly impacts the team’s ability to meet all objectives of the project and establish new processes for future operations.