ORI strives to increase productivity and profitability with minimum disruption to our client’s day to day operations, delivering transparency to reduce surprises and ensure that our clients are able to free up resources to focus on their core services and products.

A: You can contact us by phone or complete this web page form, an ORI representative will contact you within 24 hours.

A: At ORI all projects are assigned an Enterprise Portfolio Manager (ePM), who will work on your project throughout its lifecycle. The ePM will also determine at the of the planning phase of your project what additional resources s/he might to effectively manage your project(s).

A: ePMs are individuals who are highly trained and experience Project Management that have manage multiple projects at once across multiple industries. They work on your project from the beginning to completion and help alleviate the needs for your resource to determine project oversight needs.

A: Your assigned ePM is responsible for ensuring that you have the right mix and quality of resource needed for your project(s).

A: ORI billing process is a flat monthly billing based on the tier of service selected by our client.

A: Payment is required monthly and net 15 days with receipt of invoice and required documentation.

A: Upon request ORI will provide you how we breakdown our cost to allow you to make the best decision for your organization.

A: The 5 working days Leadtime starts upon when we get an executable contract with our client.

A: Yes, the more project we work with your organization the more the discount. Discounts are based on every 3-addition projects.

A: It’ll depend both on you needs and what to ensure that your project is success. At ORI our focus is solely based on doing what it takes to achieve a successful project. We work with our client to achieve the right balance.

A: No, in most cases the client will need to assign computer access to certain information.

A: Yes, ORI all necessary legal documentation ensure that you do not incur any addition risk beyond what you would working with a fortune 500 company.

A: Once you give us the go ahead to start putting an agreement together ORI starts the engagement process assessing your organization’s needs, evaluating the project and creating a document outline our observation with a recommendation on what is needed to ensure project success. This process typical take 5 – 7 business day (highly dependent on how quickly our client can provide us with the needed information). In some case this process can be waived, and an alternate approached used to speed up the process. Once the recommendation is accepted an online contract is provided within 24 hours. Upon signing guarantee a maximum of 5 days Leadtime is needed to get project management services on your project(s).

A: ORI is methodologically agnostic/neutral we do favor one methodology over the other, instead during our engagement period we recommend the best methodology to ensure project success. We are also able to work within any methodology our clients need us to work with.