Today, I’d like to introduce Outsourced Results Inc. (ORI) established in 2018, a company created out of many years of research and analysis working on real world project management challenges. In my career I have had the privilege of meeting with many leaders of industries over the decades. Too often in situations where I have been sought after to rectify situations relating to ineffective Project Management execution. As a professional it has often concerned me of why these problems persist. To be frank, I initially felt as many individuals did in that the majority of what causes project challenges resides with either the PM or the stakeholders. Although there is little doubt of the importance of PMs and stakeholders (Vendors, Technical team, Project owner etc.), my analysis shows that there are many environmental factors that affect the project team’s behavior thereby putting a lot of negative pressure on an already complex situation of successfully managing a project or program outcomes. Some examples of these factors include project delayed starts, lack of experience identifying the right resource for the project, lack of incorporating the current organization environmental norm, etc. It is in this space I can say without a doubt that ORI is different from any other PM organization you have worked with in the past. ORI excels at understanding and executing solutions that improves the underlying environmental factors to enable the project team deliver consistent successful project outcomes. The core focus of ORI is to deliver reliable successful project outcomes to our clients, instead of just providing PM/BA/PC resource. At ORI, we have always understood the fact that our clients want to focus on their core business services or products, not on creating an in-house project management firm. In this environment where organizations are always adapting to a customer needs, changing social, technological, political, fiscal and economic environment; the ability for a PM to understand and navigate their project or program through these changes is key to immensely improving the project successful outcomes.

ORI ensures that underlying environmental factors are effectively managed through its innovative method of project management service delivery. Our core approach is simple and effective; objectively and quickly understanding environmental factors and then establishing a plan at the beginning of the project that is monitored and executed across the project life cycle. At ORI, we accomplish our objectives by leveraging our proprietary checklist and assigning a senior level project/program manager to oversee, monitor, identify and execute solutions to improve project related environmental factors.

ORI’s proprietary checklist addresses two key areas we’ve termed Primary and Supportive Criteria. Primary criteria are factors that affect the acceptance requirement of the project outcome. Supportive Criteria relates to factors that enable the team and all stakeholders to be effective in executing the project outcomes. A RACI matrix is included as part of the final contract agreement to ensure clear expectations are set at the start of the engagement.

ORI’s organizational, environmental, cultural and management structure makes it an attractive company for highly qualified senior Project Managers who want to have the flexibility to leverage their experiences across multiple industries, a better job stability, have the opportunity to mentor, a better career path and personal growth that our competitor can offer. At ORI Sr. level PM/PgM are assigned the title Enterprise Portfolio Managers (ePMs), they often have over 15 years of experience with a proven track record of success managing projects across multiple industries. ePMs are assigned to all projects in ORI’s portfolio. This ensures that our client’s projects always have oversight by highly experience PMs. The ePMs ensure that both traditional project management oversight and ORI’s proprietary approach is executed consistently. ePMs are often assigned OnDemand upon client request. This avoids project start delays thus improving the project’s successful outcome.

At ORI, we deliver OnDemand services at a competitive price to all our clients. Please visit our website: or contact us at: to discuss how ORI can help you improve your project outcomes and experience.


Geoff Babajide
Executive Director & Founder